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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Morpeth Were Ready To Pat Ronaldo On The Back And Say Unlucky

In the post-match press conference on Sunday, Morpeth manager Nick Gray had always told his players that they would win, but firstly he commented on the possibility that Hereford had showed a lack of respect for his side.

"I don't think they (Hereford) knew what we were all about.

"That's not being disrespectful because they've had a fantastic season and won the treble, but the Northern League is really strong, competitive league.

"Hereford are a very, very good side week in week out, but there's some games where they'd only have to play at 50% to win.

"We knew we were underdogs, they were big favourites from day one of this competition.

"I personally saw Hereford 5 times, I've been done with the chairman and watched and studied them. I knew where they were, where they were going to be and what their strong points were.

"I had another lad give us 4 fantastic reports, so I had 9 reports on this team.

"We'd done all the homework on them."

Gray thought the 4-1 victory for Morpeth stemmed from the players' mindsets.

"I told our players we were going to win this, we were going to win this game, there was no negativity.

"They are going to parade that bull around, and we'll pat him on the back and say unlucky. We had our mindset set.

"We were underdogs to everyone apart from those players in the changing rooms, and at the end of the day we were deserved winners over 90 minutes.

And finally, the Highwaymen Boss commented on the 'buzz' of finding out Mustapha Bundu had not been handed a place in Hereford's starting XI.

"I was a little bit surprised that Bundu didn't start today. I had the rest of the team right, but I thought he would've started.

"He's had a lot of games, he's a young lad and he's got loads potential. I'm sure he'll play higher. I've watched him and he's great to watch."

"It gave us a little buzz when he didn't start to be honest."