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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Bishop Leaves Hereford

Matt Bishop
Coach Matt Bishop has left Hereford FC for a similar post at Aberystwyth. He confirmed his decision to BN yesterday but stressed it was a personal one.

Recently Bishop has been given more resonsibility by his employer, the FA, which will involve extra travelling.

Given that he lives near Aberystwyth, any FA job involves travelling. However when he took on the Hereford job he felt he could cope.

But promotion at the FA has made Bishop realise he couldn't continue to combine the two jobs.

Bishop has two young children and wants to spend more time with them. The move to Aberystwyth will allow him to do just that.

There's little doubt the combination of Peter Beadle and Matt Bishop has been the catalyst in Hereford having such a good season. Bishop is highly regarded as a coach and will be difficult to replace unless the directors come up with a package to attract a coach with similar qualifications and experience.

The package will also need to reasonably reward any new coach.

Update: several tweets from Bishop:

"Best Wishes to Peter, Rog, Jonny, the players, John Hale, Directors and the Fans all the very best for the future. Loved my time at the club

"Thanks for all your best wishes. Always said Hereford FC is a great club with unbelievable fans. It has been a privilege."