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Thursday, May 05, 2016

Dickov Remembers Hereford

As part of an article in today's Daily Mail about Leicester City, Paul Dickov remembers playing at Hereford.

April 11, 2009 - Hereford United 1 Leicester City 3

This is an iconic fixture in Foxes’ fans memory. 
There were only 4,389 inside Edgar Street but all there remember this as the day Leicester were leaving League One behind.
‘It was red hot, the sun beating down, it was a tight pitch and we had massive support,’ recalls striker Paul Dickov. 
‘The club had been through a transitional period and it didn’t stabilise until Nigel Pearson came in. 
'We went down the night before to Hereford, there were other matches on and we were watching the scores.’ 
Promotion rivals Peterborough drew with Cheltenham; third-placed Millwall lost at Yeovil. This was the company Leicester were keeping.
‘Then a couple of games later we were promoted at Southend,’ adds Dickov. ‘Little did we know what a turning point it was.
‘Look at them now, where Hereford are and where Leicester are. 
'It got us back into the Championship. Now Leicester are in the Champions League.’