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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Refereeing Decisions Forced Reshuffle Said Beadle

After this afternoon's 3-1 win at Shepshed Dynamo, Hereford FC manager Peter Beadle spoke to BN.

"I thought in spells we played really well," said Beadle.

"I thought the two early goals were great for us.

"They never really seemed to cause us a problem first half but we had to reshuffle a little bit at half time because of some poor refereeing decisions. Sometimes that unsettles people but we got going second half eventually.

"We had a little spell just when they got their goal, we came off it a little bit but I thought once they got their goal we got back in it again and we created numberous chances and could have scored four or five if we had taken them."

Do we try and walk the ball in sometimes when we would have shot?

"I think we are probably nit-picking now when you think that we've scored I think before today 188 in all competitions so three more today takes us to 191.

"Yes it's been a bug-bear of mine at times this year when we've tried to over-play but you can't fault the lads on that front even with chances created.

"Yes sometimes you ask them to pull the trigger a bit earlier but the most important thing is that we've kept winning games and we've kept this away run going and we've taken it right to the end of the season."

Not a clean sheet this afternoon.

"It was in our sloppy spell and it was James's good side on his left foot to roll it back to Martin but for whatever reason he didn't, got caught out on the ball and we got punished for it.

"We can not at any time take our foot off the boil, get sloppy because if we do whoever we play we are going to get punished and we can't keep doing it. 

"Hopefully they will learn from that and next time he'll either roll it back or kick it out of play and we can defend it from there.

"A clean sheet would have been a bonus but again I think we are nit-picking.

"We've had twenty odd away victories consecutive in all competitions and to worry about the fact that we've conceeded one in a three one win is really picking the bones in it a little bit.

"If it had been the first couple of games of the season I would have said yes, but last game of the season, the players have been magnificent, all of them have been fantastic and like I said we've ended it on a high and it's just nice to know in 42 games this year we've only dropped points in seven.

"So we are just going to enjoy it for tonight and then look forward to Monday." 

Beadle took off Rob Purdie and Jimmy Oates at half-time.

"I took Purds and Jimmy off because they both got booked.

"If any of them had been sent off today they would both miss Wembley. The referee put us in a situation where we really had to bring them off because they both got booked for nothing, we don't understand why they got booked in the first place bearing in mind the challenge at the end ( on James Bowen ). 

"If those two fouls were bookings then that challenge at the end is a red card all day long. So that is the inconsistancy we have to deal with so that was why we brought them off because the referee was unpredictable we didn't know what we was going to do next so the safest thing to do was bring them off."

Jamie Willets had to leave the field after a nasty knock on his ankle.

"He got a bang, it's an impact blow. I'm sure it will stiffen up tonight and it will be sore tomorrow.

"We're going to send him for an x-ray and have a double check on it and then if nothing comes back from that then it is just an impact. 

"Hopefully it will settle down in a few days time and it won't be too bad but it looked a sore one, hopefully it will settle down quickly."