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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Comfortable Win In the End Said Beadle

Hereford FC manager Peter Beadle with a glass of champagne in hand admitted he had given tonight's team a bit of a rocket at half time but  was pleased with the result and a place in the final of the Midland League cup.

"They got a bit of a rocket at half time," said Beadle.

"They almost wanted it more than we did and I said to the player it's almost the same team that played last week and had a week's rest, they've played two games since we played them.

"So it was important that we showed a bit more desire second half and when we did that we got the job done more than comfortably in the end.

"Credit to those players who have played tonight because they've had a week off and had to watch a lot going on, the game on Saturday and the game on Monday. They've had to be in the stand a lot of them and watch it. Sometimes it's difficult as a player when you are not in the starting eleven every week.

"But second half I thought they were exceptional and they were really professional, got the job done and it's another final for which we're over the moon."

Two goals in three minutes killed the game.

"Yes, it's been nice the last couple of weeks we've managed to get goals in little patches like that where we get a couple of goals quite quickly, we did it at Quorn the other week, we did it at Khalsa in the second half and Heanor we did the same thing.

"We've had a lot of games recently where we've gone one up then sat back and let teams back into the game. They've scored a goal and then we've made it hard work for ourselves.

"They've had a chance in the second half just before we scored the second goal when the lad hit the post.

"So it was good to get the first one to settle everyone down knowing that gave us an extra goal advantage and then to get the second and third ones, were we going to score four goals, they haven't conceeded four all season apart from Coleshill.

"And the clean sheet was great, Harvey came back in and kept a clean sheet.

"Everyone put another good shift in especially second half."

Eleven changes but still a very competitive side.

"We are very fortunate on that front but I think it was made clear certainly with the weather and the way the games were transpiring as they were going along. The wins were pileing up and obviously doing well in the Cup competitions there was going to come a time when if we only had 18/19 players touch wood we've been very fortunate with our injuries, we've managed to keep everybody fit and healthy for the most part. We've been very lucky in that respect.

"If that team played together every week you'd like to think they would be challenging in the League.

"We're priviledged with what we have got and the depth of the squad have been fantastic and even those who have come in recently, James Pilling, Jamie Laird, Ross Staley, they've all come in at the back end of the season and they've taken to it brilliantly and they performed well again tonight."