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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

H&W Say Statement Due Later

BBC Hereford & Worcester are reporting that a statement is due from the club later today.

Trevor Owens reported that he had spoken to David Keyte, who denied that a new manager had been appointed and that there was no trial game planned for this coming weekend in London.

Since posting details of the claimed trials match, the Twitter account making the announcement has been locked from public view. People who have contacted the mobile number listed on the messages say the man behind the account is named Don Ubah.

Update: The BBC have added this - 

'General manager Dennis Strudwick has confirmed that the Conference has issued United a directive with which they have to comply, but was hopeful the Edgar Street club would "get all their ducks in a row" before the deadline.

The Conference can also request a bond from the club in order to guarantee Hereford would be able to fulfil their fixtures for the 2014-15 season.'