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Sunday, January 29, 2012

I've got my foot back in the door says Elder

Hereford United striker Nathan Elder gave a long interview to BBC Radio Shropshire after yesterday's match at Edgar Street.

In it he described his time at Hayes and Yeading whom he joined after leaving Shrewsbury and then his move to Hereford and back in full time football.

"It wasn't full time football at Hayes," said Elder.

"Coming back from injury and then only part time was very difficult to keep your fitness and workrate.

"Then Hereford gave me an opportunity which was fantastic. Back in full time. Once you leave football it's so tough to get back in.

"I'm lucky I've got my foot back in the door."

Elder was asked about Hereford's position in the League.

"I think we need to give fans more, if I'm honest. Sounds a bit strong but I don't think we are giving the fans what they deserve.

"I don't think we are getting the results we should be especially at home and I think we need to improve on that.

"We've got half the season left and we need to be careful. We are not safe by any means. The teams around us are doing much better than they were. No excuses, we need to improve."

Elder was asked about Gary Peters being director of football with Hereford and what he does.

"He leaves most of it to Jamie. When he first came he had a lot of in-put.

"I think now he has put his side in and he steps back. Whenever he sees something that he thinks should be improved he's happy to step in and say.

"He's still got a passion for the game."