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Monday, May 25, 2009

Bulls high in "REAL FANS" list.

Statistics recently released by The Football Forum's number crunchers place Hereford fans in third place in a table produced to illustrate the number of travelling fans expressed as a percentage of the average home support with a figure of 14.5%. Only Oldham (15.6%) and Northampton (14.6%) topped the Hereford away support.

Whilst The Bulls almost understandably sit at the bottom of the average home attendance list, it does show that those who do attend are amongst the better supporters in the Football League.

By comparison, of the MK Dons fans who attend home matches, only 6.7% bother to travel to away games leaving them bottom of the pile while Cheltenham Town carry a fairly poor 8.4% of their "massive" to opposition grounds.

In League 2, Slopshire Town achieved a creditably mid-table position with 11.5% of the average home attendance witnessing their abysmal away form.