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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Vale Chairman Blasts Players

Port Vale chairman Bill Bratt blasted his clubs players after the LDV defeat at Edgar Street.

Bratt, who was visibly angry after the match, told The Sentinel: "I think when you are at the bottom and things aren't going well you have to start fighting. They have to get out there and play with some heart and start fighting to get where we want to be. The performance on the pitch tells you there was not enough heart and fight there which is what we need now. If players are not prepared to do that then they shouldn't pull the shirt on. There is nothing I would like more than to go down there and say how well they have played. But on this occasion whatever I said would be the opposite. Certain players are exempt from this and I don't want to name names, but certain players seem to be going through the motions."

Bratt defended manager Martin Foyle after recent criticism: "I think Martin Foyle feels the same as well. He must be tearing out what hair he has left. He puts the effort in to get people to play and is getting a lot of stick at the moment which I don't think he deserves. He is a hard worker, as are the rest of the football staff here."