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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Panic Signing not for Turner.

Graham Turner will not panic-sign players. In his H&W interview he said that it is no good taking bodies for the sake of it.

"We have tried to strengthen the squad. I could go out and bring four players in tomorrow but they won't neccessarily improve what we have got. Everybody wants to get rid of the players that aren't quite good enough.

"We've set our sites on bringing players in that will make a difference to the side and we've had knock-backs with them, and that's basically why we haven't strengthened the squad as much as we would like.

"It can be panic signing if you are not careful and with the deadline a week on Thursday we want to strengthen the squad, but it will only be with people who feel that we can improve upon it.

"I go to watch a lot of reserve team football as does chief scout John Trewick and the players that we pick out, the big problem is that League clubs also pick the same players out. And the players will go to League clubs rather than come to the Conference.

"But we are hoping over the next eight to ten days that the situation might change."

UPDATE Monday 21st

It has been pointed out to Bulls News that the paragraph starting "I go to watch... may have been printed in correctly.

The implication in our report that John Trewick is chief scout was not intended.