Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Gowling Pleased With Performances Of Youth Team Players

Issac Groves Scored Hereford's Third Goal

Hereford manager Josh Gowling gave his thoughts on tonights HFA Cup game after the Bulls defeated Bromyard 3-0. In particular he was pleased with the performances of several youth team players.

"We started really well first twenty minutes," said Gowling.

"We scored a bit early and took our foot off the pedal a little bit.

"I spoke to the lads at half time, probably gave them a bit of a rocket to be honest because we just got a bit sloppy in possession.

"First twenty minutes breaking lines really well and creating opportunities then we took out foot off the pedal a little bit - we want good habits and so we need better habits than that.

"Came out second half and told them what they needed to do.

"They went out there, we pressed, we worked hard, we played between the lines, we worked on some things in training as well - I know the kids weren't there - but it was good to see that, the first team lads implemented that and we got goals from that, it was pleasing. 

"The way we play we have a lot of possession so teams are chasing so eventually they are going to blow out, we knew that. We just tried to keep the ball moving as quick as we could.

"The thing we spoke at about at half time was because we were a bit slow in possession towards the back end of the first half they got back in their shape quite quickly.

"So we knew that when we pick the ball up when they are attacking we won the ball back, we needed to play forward quicker just to break their lines and we did that well second half which is why we got our goals.

"The lads who have come in from the youth team have been a credit to the football club and a credit to the work the lads are doing there because I spoke to Joe (Speake - central midfielder) at the end of the game and I thought he was excellent today. Getting in the pockets, comfortable in possession.

"It was brilliant Issac (Groves) came on got his goal, debatable offside, slightly offside. Again just comfortable on the ball.

"Harley (Morris) did well first half and the two centre halves were excellent so a very credit to what we've got coming through which is really pleasing and I'm glad Issac got a goal as well because youth team lads deserve to get on the score sheet.

"The centre halves were brilliant, they won their tackles, headers, individual duals. They used the ball well which was pleasing.

"Sometimes when they come to the first team when the ball comes you get rid of it whereas they had a bit of composure about them and played it into mid-field which was really pleasing.

"We've had Ryan in during pre-season with us. They're men and they didn't look out of place today."

Several senior players returned from injury and had some minutes including Luke Haines.

"It was good to see Luke back to get minutes in. Dan got minutes in, Forsyth, Yan is back in finally.

"Victor hasn't played for a while so it was good for him to get a full ninety minutes under his belt."