Sunday, April 04, 2021

Will The Trophy Final Be A Pilot Event?

This morning's Daily Mail contains an article written by Oliver Dowden, the Culture Secretary, in which he outlines the start of the return of spectators to sports events.

There will be a number of 'pilot spectator events' designed to 'pave the way' to a return to normality.

One of these events is the FA Cup Final which is set for May 15th. He says that 21,000 will be able to be at Wembley that day.

'The events pilot programme is, therefore, a timely step and a vital one.' wrote Dowden

'Those attending the pilot events might well find the experience a little different from their usual trip to a match or the theatre. There will be Covid tests. Researchers and scientists will be present.

'If you get a seat at one of these events, you will see us trying out different ways to stop the virus spreading. You will be tested before and after the event to help us make them as safe as possible.

'You might be asked to arrive earlier than normal as we manage the flow of people, or to arrive by foot, cycle or car to minimise clustering on public transport.

'These steps are important to help us build the case for the safe return of even more fans from June 21.'

Whether or not the FA Trophy, between Hereford and Hornchurch, set to take place a week later will be a 'pilot event' remains to be seen. 

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