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Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Full Time On Gates Around 600

There Were 895 Spectators At Nuneaton Last Night
One of the interesting topics of conversation at the Liberty Stadium last night was how can Nuneaton be full time when average gates are expected to be only around 600.

"We ask lots of questions like that of these teams who have offered players far more money than we have and they average 200, 300 people a week," said Hereford manager Peter Beadle.

"Yet they manage to pay players double what we've offered them or certainly a couple of hundred pounds more than we're offering which is like huge money and you wonder where they are getting it from but they are getting it from somewhere.

"Obviously you never like seeing clubs go under and these have been under twice now.

"You don't want them going down that route again, you want them to survive.

"But sooner or later they've got to learn their lesson, you've got to do it within your means. Otherwise it will keep happening.

"But again, they're full time but quite a young side. They are not full of senior pros like Salford or Harrogate were last year.

"So maybe they are working within their means. Who knows?"