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Monday, July 09, 2018

Mills Fined For Betting On Games

It's come to light that former Hereford FC striker John Mills was fined by the FA last December for placing bets on football matches.

There had been speculation for sometime previously that Mills liked a bet but the charge and fine were not picked up by local media although the details were placed on the FA Website. 

December 21 2017

John Mills, Player, Hereford FC

Breach of FA Rule E8 – It is alleged that Mr Mill’s placed 166 bets on football matches between 1 October 2014 and 24 May 2017.
Charge admitted – Paper hearing requested.
Fined £400
Warned as to future conduct 

The betting fine may have contributed to why Mills left Edgar Street last month but his request for more money was probably a bigger reason.

After he left the striker spoke to the Hereford Times about the reasons why he had decided to move on but it was mainly about money.

"I wanted a slight increase but it didn't come. I haven't asked for anything ridiculous just something I feel I deserve. I've been here three years so it was an amount I felt was right, but it wasn't in the budget."

It's now understood Mills wanted a lot more than a 'slight increase'. Had manager Peter Beadle agreed to his request it would have probably meant one less player in the squad. And had Mills been given a large increase may be other players would have felt it was unfair that one player was earning somewhat more than any other in the squad.

Finally despite the problems with his knee, Mills only started six or so of the last eighteen games last season, Hereford still won promotion.

It's rumoured that Mills has signed a two year deal at Bath City. Taking everything into account may be both parties, Hereford FC and John Mills, are quite content with what has happened.

Meanwhile supporters appear to have accepted that Mills has gone. Season ticket sales have gone very well despite some initial opposition to the club letting the striker go.