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Thursday, June 21, 2018

There Is Only One John Mills Admits Beadle

Hereford FC manager Peter Beadle has said that new striker Harry White is a different player to John Mills.

"Of course people look at the signing of Harry White as a replacement for John (Mills) but he is irreplaceable with a goal record like that," said Beadle in an interview with the Hereford Times.

"Harry is a different type of centre-forward to John (Mills) where as Lance (Smith) and Mike (Symons) are different forwards again.

"Keyon (Reffell), Jennison (Myrie-Williams) and Lewis (Hall) can also play forwards so we have plenty of goals in the team and hopefully we can share them out. People think Harry is the new John Mills but he is not, there is only one John Mills." 

White is aiming to rekindle his career at Edgar Street.
"He had a fantastic start and for whatever reason it has not worked. He has dropped down from Barnsley, they saw the potential in him and so do we, he is a great addition to the squad.

"We want the right players for this group to keep us moving forwards. If you look at the squad it is already hugely exciting and I'm looking forwards to meeting with the players next week as a group."