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Monday, June 18, 2018

Help Needed With Missing Hereford United Information

Hereford FC historian Ron Parrott is presently filling in gaps in his records and he's  missing the following information:-
1996/97 Pre-season friendly at Rushden & Diamonds, need to know result, scorers & attendance

1994/95 Swindon T (H) HSC 26/07/94 HUFC’s substitute Michael Gonzague came on for who? Also need the full Swindon Town line-up & details of any subs used                                                          
1993/94 Swansea City (A) WC 25/01/94 Swansea’s Hodge & Barnhouse came on for who?         
1993/94 Oxford U (H) HSC 28/08/94 Full Oxford line-up + any subs used? 

1992/93 Rushden & Diamonds (A) PSF 29/07/92 Result, scorers & attendance?

1991/92 Chester C (H) HSC 07/08/91 Need Chester line-up, subs & times of goals       

1990/91 Bangor C (H) WC 20/02/91 Need Bangor's line-up & details of subs.              

1989/90 Swindon T (H) HSC 05/08/91 Need Swindon's line-up & details of subs.

1989/90 Newcastle T (A) 400th Charter celebration W 4-1, need scorers and attendance

1988/89 Swindon Town (H) HSC 06/08/88 Need to know who Ian Rocke came on for as well as complete Swindon line-up & details of any subs used + referee

1987/88 Walsall (H) HSC Final 07/08/87 Need Walsall's line-up + details of any subs used.

1986/87 Shrewsbury Town HSC Final 16/08/86. Butler & Cegielski are listed as subs, did either of them come on and if so, for who?

1986/87 Worcester City (Radio Wyvern Cup) 16/02/87. Need the referee and the Worcester line-up, I know from the match report that Moore, Shail, Larkin, Shinton, Ledbury & Prescott played and that due to player shortages, no substitute was named, so remaining five players needed.

1985/86 Shrewsbury Town HSC Final 10/08/85 Did Hereford use any subs? Also need confirmation of Shrewsbury line-up and whether any subs were used

1983/84 Newport County HSC Final 20/08/83 Need confirmation of Newport's line-up and whether any subs were used

1979/80 Manchester City HSC Final 22/04/80. Need confirmation of United's subs and who they came on for. Also need City's line-up, scorers & details of any subs used. Also need City's scorers and times of all three goals.

If any reader can help please reply either via Bulls News or directly to Ron at