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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Derek Hall | Audio Interview : 1991-1994

The former Hereford United Midfielder joined me this morning. Derek currently lives in Adelaide, but we managed the 8 and a half hour time difference.

Find out:
*What he the thought of John Sillett
*How injuries hampered his first season at Edgar Street
*Respect for Greg Downs
*What it was like scoring at the Shay in the game that sent Halifax down to the GM Vauxhall Conference in 1993
*How he enjoyed scoring goals from midfield
*EXCLUSIVE Reveal - Why he left to go to Rochdale in 1994
*Returning to Edgar Street in front of  6,000 crowd, when he was use to playing in front of 1,700
*How Social Media keeps him in contact with former players
*Watching Hereford FC vs Fleetwood in Australia
*Will he ever come back to the UK

The best of Derek Hall.

Scoring against Halifax on the 8th May 1993.

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