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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Pete Beadle Has Won 78% Of His Games In Charge

Club historian Ron Parrott has been looking back at past managers of Hereford and Pete Beadle has come out on top.

With negotiations still ongoing with Hereford FC and manager Peter Beadle and his team, it started Club Historian Ron Parrott wondering about just how good Peter’s record really has been and Ron comments 

As a self-confessed admirer of Peter Beadle, I listen to the habitual doubters every season, who seem to think that he’s not up to the job ahead as we progress even higher up the football pyramid. All I can say is let’s have a look at his record compared to previous Hereford managers and see where he stands in history.

The following league table of Hereford’s 26 managers is based on the number of matches in charge and the percentage of victories achieved during his time in charge.

Click on the table to enlarge.

Stats of course can be presented in many different ways to prove any particular point and although my definition of success is based on percentage of games won, you could equally argue that success should be gauged in terms of percentage of games lost, not won. Either way, there is no denying that Peter Beadle is streets ahead on both counts! 

In terms of games won, he has recorded 78.1% against the next nearest on just 55.81% and on the reverse side of the coin, Peter has lost just 10.22% of games played, with his next nearest rival on 25.58%.

Fans often say to me that I’m not comparing like with like i.e. how can you compare John Sillett in the old Second Division (today’s Championship) to Peter Beadle in say, the Midland Premier League? My answer to that is quite simple, in that a manager has to work with the tools that he has available and it’s how he forges those into a successful team that count. In my view, John Sillett working with Terry Paine and Dixie McNeil is no different to Peter Beadle working with Pablo Haysham and John Mills!

To the doubters who wonder whether Beadle (and his team) are up to the challenge of yet another level up, the short answer is that of course they are and they have earned the right to prove it and should be given it without a shadow of a doubt! Personally, I have every faith and truly believe that we could be a contender for at least the play-offs.