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Saturday, April 07, 2018

UITC Office Open Today

This from UITC:

Today we are once again opening our Blackfriars Office between 1pm and 2:45pm and welcome  your support once again. We shall be selling our Easter Raffle Tickets, booking  Soccer School places and taking bids on a few shirts which include a signed Gareth Southgate England shirt,  a shirt signed by a very popular HUFC player, the strawberry blonde,  Simon Travis and a shirt Trent McClenahan wore when he represented Australia in the Olympics. We shall be taking bids on these items until 2pm on 7th April.  We also have various items of surplus office furniture and football programmes for sale. 

We are delighted to be joined by HUST, who will be signing up new members, selling 50/50 tickets and various HUST items including tankards and calendars.

Please come and join us all for a chat and a coffee. We look forward to seeing you.