Next Game: Nuneaton At Edgar Street In The League On Saturday January 19th at 3pm.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Bulls News Potential Points Table Update

Given the results this afternoon in the Southern Premier League, the BN Potential Points Table has been updated.

League Table:

2King's Lynn Town4429969537+5896
4Kettering Town41277710447+5788
5Slough Town42269710348+5587

Potential Points Table (This table assumes clubs win every remaining game)

Hereford 113
King's Lynn 102
Weymouth 100
Kettering 103
Slough 99

So with Hereford currently on 101 points they need another three points to secure the title, although given their goal difference even just two points might be enough. 

Hereford's next game is at Biggleswade on Tuesday evening. The number of supporters intending to make the game has probably doubled since this afternoon's results became known.