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Saturday, April 07, 2018

100 Goals Is A 'Hell Of A Feat' Said Beadle

During his post match interview Hereford manager Peter Beadle was reminded that the club has notched up 100 goals this season to date.

"We set standards," said Beadle.

"We want to be the top scorers, we want to have the best defensive record, gain the most points and we'll continue to do that.

"Every single one of them has played their part this year. Lance has got a nice tidy amount of goals, John got his goals early but has been hampered by his knee recently.

"Obviously Jennison has come in and contributed, Keyon has got himself a fair few as well, Mike as well.

"So we've got lots of threats on the pitch.

"So to get to 100 goals again with five games to go that's a hell of a feat."

What about Lance Smith keeping John Mills out of the team?

"I don't think it's a case of keeping him out of the team. I just think we have an opportunity to give John, with his knee, a rest. We need him fresh. 

"Lance has earned his place. I thought he was great out wide on Saturday, he was great down the middle on Monday and again he brings something different to the team to some of the other forwards we have.

"It's not a case of keeping him out of the team. He's doing well. He's scoring goals. I think that's three in three so he earns his spot in the team at the moment."

Defender Jordan Liburd is another player who has recently cemented a place in the starting eleven.

"Jordan has been outstanding since he came in.

"It's never easy for any player, no matter what sort of stature or background you've got, to come to a club like this.

"He came a bit blind and not knowing the full situation with the club and the support it has and everything that goes with it.

"I thought his first couple of games he was nice and solid, then he had a little bit of a wobble, that was in a spell when we were not doing particularily well, he played at King's Lynn away and a couple of other games. 

"Since Basingstoke I think he's been outstanding. I thought he was outstanding on Monday at Redditch, everything that went into the box he won.

"Jefferson (Louis) today is no easy player to play against and I thought for Jefferson to come off I thought Jordan and Ryan won that battle with him today.

"He's settled in great, he's a really quite lad but what he does do is that he stands out with his performances. He's really comfortable now and has got to know everybody properly, he's more relaxed and he knows what he needs to do and he does it really really well."