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Saturday, August 05, 2017

Today's Friendly 'Exactly What We Wanted' Said Beadle

Hereford FC manager Peter Beadle spoke to the local media after this afternoon's friendly against Stourbridge which the Bulls won 1-0.

"It was exactly what we wanted, what we were looking for," said Beadle.

"I thought we gave a really good account of ourselves especially second half.

"We were a little bit slow first half but second half was really pleasing. we played really well."

Before kick-off it was confirmed that Jimmy Oates would be captain this season. And Oates scored the only goal of the game

"It couldn't be any better for him at the minute.

"I've been trying to rub his shoulder and do the lottery with him as well!

"Everything has fallen into place for him.

"We discussed it over the last weeks about a captain and he was the stand out choice. He's been here from the start.

"He has the respect of the players, he leads by example by the way he plays.

"Very similar to Joel, great lad in the changing room, leeds by example when he plays. Lads respect him.

"So like I said and we just thought with everything going his way at the moment he would be the right choice. 

"And it's gone down well with everyone else.

"And he's done well today."

Beadle added that Jack Deaman is to be vice-captain.

Back to the game itself.

"We need to start better, we need to be a bit braver on the ball, we can't keep starting slow all the time.

"The tempo of the game starts from the kick-off. The kick-off goes back to James, he plays it to Calvin, Calvin plays it back, it bobbles over his foot and everyone goes Oh.

"It's that deflation that everyone has to go back to defend. It's getting off on the right foot and playing at the right tempo. Even things from Martin in goal catching it and looking to throw it early, even if he doesn't throw it at least he is looking.

"Throw in's and ball out of play and we walk up to the ball and we slowly pick it up. Me and James could play centre half if they go that slow.

"If James runs up to the ball, looks to pick it up and throw it quick other players on the pitch react and that's what we didn't have first half.

"Second half we started great and penned them back in their half and we started to get chances and we've had some great chances.

"On another day the game could have finished  3 or 4-1 with the chance they had.

"I'm just asking them to make sure we can't start slow, we won't get away with it this year.

"It's nice to win with a Cup involved as well.

"We always want to win but we understand pre-season games are exactly what they are for.

"Great test for us today. We're delighted Stourbridge have come down and played their part in it as well. I'm sure they got a lot out of it too.

"Hopefully it will be a relationship going forward. May be we can go to them next year or they come back here as these are the sort of games we need."