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Saturday, August 05, 2017

Preparations For Kings Langley

Hereford FC's first game in the Southern League Premier is at Kings Langley next Saturday.

Manager Peter Beadle has spoken about preparations for the game.

"We're going to train twice this week," said Beadle.

"We're going to work hard on Tuesday and Thursday and work on a bit of shape and try to brighten things up a bit as in making sure we start with the right tempo.

"As always we've prepared the best we can and now it's go time. 

"It's a big week for us to prepare and we'll go there on Saturday and look to perform first and hopefully the result will look after itself."

Asked by Keith Hall for BBC Hereford and Worcester if he had decided on the line up, Beadle said they had been talking about that since the first of July.

"We write down about twenty different teams every day.

"We know that Ryan can't play and Rob can't play. Macca will be touch and go whether he's ready for a starting position. So that's three out of the equation already.

"We'll pick it on Tuesday and Thursday and we'll let people know who we're looking at and how we're going to go.

"In the last two or three games we've looked really good especially second half today and the ninety minutes last Monday so it's important we continue like that."

No sign of keeper Ethan Ross this afternoon.

"We've still got Martin and Max but that's it at the minute but we're look around and see if we can do something.

"If we can do something in the next five or six days that would be perfect timing as well. It would give everyone that little bit of a boost to push on for next Saturday."

Beadle said he knew little about Kings Langley.

"It's a long way away I know that!"