Next Game: Preseason Friendly - Evesham Away on Tuesday 17th July at 7.45pm

Friday, August 11, 2017


This from the Southern League:

Tomorrow at 3pm 64 clubs compete in the Southern League , supporters will live and relive the highs and lows.

Passionate supporters following their Clubs on social media , the players very visual, the goals the scorers all for the world to see.

But behind every Club is a set of volunteers rarely mentioned, they ask for nothing and work for nothing.

Their passion for our great game invaluable, spare a moment to reflect on how that pitch looks, how clean the ground is- does it really take 4 hours to put the programme together.

The Volunteers we respect you all, without you there may not be a Club..

Enjoy tomorrow , but give those volunteers a smile and a pat on the back

#respect them all