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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

What Is Walking Football?

This from the HFA:

Walking Football is the beautiful game at a slower pace and any player that sprints, runs or jogs whilst the ball is in play will be penalised with a free-kick awarded to the other team. These sessions are aimed at people aged 50+ and are all about re-engaging those individuals back into playing. They are very suitable for people with certain health or mobility problems and are a brilliant way to have the ball back at your feet with less chance of getting injured. It provides great opportunity for you to enjoy playing, improve health and also meet like-minded people along the way.

To see what it’s really about check out the HFA’s new video

Current HFA Sessions

HEREFORD Day – Monday Time – 7-8pm Venue – thePoint4

HEREFORD Day – Wednesday Time – 6pm-7pm Venue – thePoint4

LEOMINSTER Day – Tuesday Time- 6pm-7pm Venue – Bridge Street Sports Centre

All sessions cost £3.50 but the first session you attend is FREE. New players are always welcome so please get in touch if you are interested in giving this fast growing sport a try.
There are also new clubs popping up across the county and we can happily point you in the direction of your closest club!

For any more information about Walking Football sessions, please call on 01432 342 179 or Email