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Monday, July 31, 2017

Preen's Tackle Was 'Reckless Without A Doubt" Said Beadle.

After this evening's friendly against Gloucester, which ended 2-2 and a red card for Garyn Preen, Hereford manager Peter Beadle spoke to the media.

"I thought it was our best performance of pre-season," said Beadle.

"I thought it was a real competitive game.

"We looked at the friendlies and we've tried to plan it that as we get closer to the season we are playing teams like we are going to come up against.

"And Gloucester are a side with good players and it was a real good test for us tonight. And I thought we passed it with flying colours."

A lot of spectators weren't too impressed with some decisions by the referee which included a red card for Garyn Preen.

"It's his pre-season as well.

"I've just been in and spoken to him and I've apologised for some of the things I said to him.

"But I do think he got it a little bit wrong.

"We asked for common sense in his game. The tackle (Preen's) was reckless without a doubt and in a league game it probably would have been a red but also the reaction of one or two of their players could also have been a red.

"He said he didn't see the reaction properly and if he had seen hands on faces or whatever he would have dealt with it in the right way.

"If he had just come over and asked us to take him off, swap him over for someone else, it would have made it a better game.

"He felt if he didn't do that it would have made a precedent for others to lunge in with tackles. Fair enough that's his opinion, I don't agree with it. But I've been and spoke to him and we're all fine, all good.

"Hopefully it won't go any further now and nothing happens with Garyn going forward.

"The referee has dealt with it on the day. Obviously being a friendly and not a competitve game I don't think he has to do anything if he doesn't want to.

"I think it would be extremely harsh if he did and I think we look at the video and one or two of theirs in the way they reacted to it.

"If they hadn't reacted to it maybe the outcome might have been different but the way they reacted to it set a precedent as to what he had to do.

"It was a reckless challenge, both feet off the floor when he had no control, so that's a red card.

"He assued me he's dealt with it on the night and thayt'll be the end of it and hopefully he'll keep his word." 

Beadle was very impressed with Harry Franklin who played right back as Jimmy Oates partnered Jack Deaman in the heart of the defence. 

"Harry Franklin was absolutely fantastic tonight. What a good performance from a young 17 year old at right back.

"In a game like that with opposition like that he was great.

"He got a bit tired towards the end and started to get beat a little bit down that side but he dug in. Fantastic performance, what a great character from him.

"We had to make changes, we have lots of forwards in the group but have defenders and goalkeepers away on holiday or injured.

"We did contemplate not playing the game as we didn't have enough bodies but we managed to get through tonight without too many problems. I glad we did as it was a great workout  and the performance was really good, really solid towards the end, but just a shame we couldn't hang on for a win.

"Even with ten men the performance was good.

"First half I though we were good, front four were on the money and we could have gone in two or three ahead.

"It was no surprise that Tim (Harris) brought what I would call his heavy artillery second half as maybe he thought if he didn't do it the game might have got away from them.

"So credit to us as I thought we played exceptionally well first half but I thought they had a better second half and the lion's share went we went down to ten."