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Wednesday, June 07, 2017


This from HUST:
The importance of volunteers to the work of HFC cannot be understated. Without them we would not have our Club. There was no shortage of volunteers when the Club was resurrected in 2015, and your help is now needed again. 
In simple terms, any work that can be achieved  by unpaid volunteers, will add to the funds available for a stronger, more competitive playing budget.
The Club is looking for volunteer painters and a carpenter to help with the repairs and refurbishment work ongoing at Edgar Street.
Not only are the outside toilet blocks around Edgar Street being refurbished but also the toilets in Radford’s, which are currently undergoing a complete makeover.
Stadium Director Paul Quarrell is leading the works parties with volunteers welcome not only on Saturdays but also through the week.
Radford’s toilets have been stripped out  and replastered. Then work will start on the toilet blocks by the Meadow End. Painters and unskilled help is always needed. Specialist Carpenters are also needed.
There is a great band of dedicated volunteers that have helped greatly, but The Club needs extra people to come and assist in the various jobs that are lined up to be done before the new season. Anyone able to help please contact the club office.  
The club office is open 10am-4pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Telephone: 01432 268 257
E-mail us:
Offer your services as a volunteer: