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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

HUST Draw For Season Ticket Holders

Yesterday a donation was made to Hereford United Supporter Trust. The donation is for the prize money for a draw of all ordinary season ticket holders who are paid up members of H.U.S.T. The winners one over 16 and one under 16 will receive the cost of their season ticket.
The prize is offered in the hope that it will persuade supporters to consider purchasing their home game tickets via the season ticket option. Not only will this give the club up front revenue but it also reduces the administration of match day ticket sales.

For existing season ticket holders it provides an incentive to them to join Hereford United Supporters Trust. The sooner HUST gains the remaining 179000 shares to acquire a 50% stake in Hereford F.C. then the likelihood of scenes like those shown below ever recurring will be diminished forever.

While it will never be known to what extent this prize draw will have on the numbers of season tickets sold the increase in H.U.S.T. membership hopefully will indicate an interest is such a draw. In any event neither Hereford F.C.  nor H.U.S.T. will be out of pocket.