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Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Burch's Blog: From Premier League to Non-League

Will Burch has published an article about his journey from the Premier League to Non-League (link).

Being an avid Birmingham City supporter, I could never have imagined that I would now be combining my love of the blues with the rough and tumble of non-league football…

However, visiting Edgar Street for the first time on a warm summers afternoon back in 2016, I was instantly hit with the community spirit and passion that surrounds itself with non-league football.

Of course, a former league club themselves, Hereford FC have welcomed me in as a supporter with open arms and although I believe the Bulls will one day return to the promised land of the football league, there is no doubt that time in the lower echelons of semi-professional football has brought the club closer together and the fan base has risen.

Here’s how I fell in love with the club and where I believe they can go in the next three to four years…

On May the 22nd 2016, I arrived at the best football stadium in England, Wembley Stadium, to watch the Bulls face Morpeth Town in the FA Vase final. After a good season in the league, it was an unfortunate and forgettable afternoon for Hereford FC, with the game finishing 4-1 to Morpeth Town.

Ever since Wembley, I have been to every football match in all competitions home and away with Hereford FC. It has been satisfying to watch from on the terraces, the whole team came together and progressed as each game went on. Meeting the players and the manager made my love for them become even stronger than it already was. I’d never really thought there was much more than the higher leagues because I was always brought up watching Birmingham city in the premier league and championship.

Peter Beadle, the main man has managed to get back to back promotions in the Midland football league and the southern league south and west. With quite a bit of funding he has managed to bring in some players to help them ascend the leagues. After the season had ended, Beadle had big decisions to make; one releasing Joel Edwards which me and most Hereford fans weren’t very happy with.

One thing that really impressed me on my journey of Hereford FC was the large following especially at away matches. The average home attendance was 2,821 and the highest was an astonishing 4,406 which was against Evesham united. Hereford certainly know how to travel in numbers and after the tragic few seasons majority the fans have had, it’s so good to see the supporters and others keeping the club alive.

I think the Bulls if they carry on with the form they have been on in the last two seasons since they have been re-founded, I could honestly see Hereford either in the football league or a few miniature steps away from being back in the ‘promised land’. Obviously as they sail up the leagues, a few changes and transfers will be needed but it is all under control in my opinion.