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Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Rogers Wants A Second Promotion

Tiverton FC manager Martyn Rogers wants to see his side challenging for another promotion next season.

Last Monday Tiverton joined Hereford in moving up to the Southern League Premier after they defeated Salisbury 2-0.

"I want promotion again, simple – never take second best, said Rogers as reported by DevonLive. 

"We're getting there now. We've got a lot of work to do next year but I'm prepared to do that.

"I'm ecstatic to get the lads up because there are some good teams in this league, I don't think there'll be teams of the quality of Salisbury and Taunton in abundance at the next level up.

"If we can add a couple of quality to what we've already got, then we'll be a difficult team to beat next year. I don't want to consolidate, I want to go again, and the lads have shown me they're capable of beating really good sides.

"We've got better as the season's gone on, which has given me a big lift."