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Friday, May 05, 2017

Hereford 'Charity' Game Raised £700

The Sponsors Lifting The Winning Trophy

Hereford FC have reported that today's 'Charity' game at Edgar Street raised £700 which will be shared between the Midland Air Ambulance and St Michael's Hospice.

Gemma Evans And Rebecca Fletcher From Westons

After the game Gemma Evans from Westons Cider, who had several players in the Sponsors team, spoke to BN.

"Westons are really pleased to be here today," said Gemma.

"We've been supporting the club for a long time.

"It great to be here to help support the two local charities.

"We've sent four players here today and I think they have all really enjoyed it.

"Len Weston was chairman here and Helen Thomas, the current MD, is really pleased to be involved with the club and carry that tradition onwards.

"Lots of other sponsors here today, Specsavers, Andrew Grant, RE Recruitment and many more.

"It's been a really good day just getting everyone together playing against the staff, showing them who is the better side.

"I don't know whether they let us win because we were sponsors. Good tactics anyway.

"The charites receiving money from the game today are the Midlands Air Ambulance and St Michael's Hospice so two really worthwhile charities with whom we are really happy to be involved with."

The Sponsors had one former Hereford United player in their team.

"Duncan Preedy who works for Westons played and we had a youngster, Jack Fletcher, playing today who was going to be the mascot but as we were a man down so he's played and have been exceptional."

Would Gemma like to see this become an annual event?

"Yes, definitely. I think our whole yard team wanted to play today but we wouldn't have had anyone left to man the place!

"It's a great thing for staff to get involved and shows a good bit of community spirit."

Martin Brain And His Son Were On Opposing Sides

Martin Brain, commercial manager at Hereford FC, arranged the game.

"Great morning, the sponsors won the game 7-4," said Martin.

"It was really entertaining both for the players and the people watching.

"It was great that we can do this for our sponsors and to say thank you for the support they've given to the club and give them a day here at Edgar Street on us.

"Every player has made a contribution to the two charities we are supporting today."