Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Beadle Starts Talks With Players Today

Hereford FC manager Peter Beadle is set to start talking to players today about playing for the club next season.

He will continue the task on Thursday.

Last night Football director Martin Watson said that Beadle may release his retained list on Friday. 

At present just Jimmy Oates is under contract for next season but Beadle has already said that he would like several youngsters to stay.

It's also thought Beadle will give Jamie Cuss a chance when he returns to fitness later this year.

Last week Beadle told BN that he hoped to have a similar sized squad to last season at least to start with.

"We'll try and manage it as best we can," said Beadle.

"Most of this season we've gone with 21. We've finished it with 22 which includes youngsters Max and Rory and now Harry has come in towards the end.

"I'm not sure about a bigger squad. Even though this year we've been strong as a group we're always looking for every player to be a starter as hard as it is to keep everybody happy. We don't want anybody coming in just to make the numbers up.

"So we'll see how far we can stretch the budget and if we can get to 20/21 again for next season that will be a decent number to start on."