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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Beadle In Talks With Several Players

Hereford FC manager Peter Beadle is in talks with several players about joining his squad for next season.

"I've spoken to them face-to-face and they walked around the ground to get a feel of the place," said Beadle as reported by the Hereford Times. 

"It's a varied assortment, but they are players we believe can make us stronger.

"I've given them a few days to mull it over, so possibly in the next five or six days we will be able to sign one or two of them.

"But in the higher leagues, players like to drag things out and keep their options open, which is their prerogative.

"It's now a waiting game, but hopefully we sold the club well to them and they want to enjoy the next stage of their career here." 

Beadle also made clear he would like both Rob Purdie and Ryan Green to stay with the club.

"We know they're getting older and that will take its toll, but they both have vast amount of experience and we want to keep them on because they have vital roles to play on and off the pitch."