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Saturday, April 15, 2017

We Were Not At The Races Said Beadle

Hereford could only draw 2-2 with Barnstaple this afternoon and manager Peter Beadle was very disappointed with the performance of his team.

"I'm lost for words, we were not at the races, nowhere near it," said Beadle in his post-match interview.

"I shouldn't have to come in at half-time now, at this point of the season, and go as strong as I did purely because a team that have turned up, that have won 13 games this season, had out-worked us, had out-run us, were more physical than us, wanted it more than us.

"I understand it is hard to have the mentality of sticking with it and it's difficult but it's not unpredictable the teams that come here, we know what they are going to be like.

"First and foremost we need to match that work-rate, that effort, that desire and I don't think we did at any point today even when they had ten men. I still thought at times they wanted it more than we did.

"Credit to the boys, they plugged away and were very fortunate to get back in it at 2-1, but even then just lazy, sloppy.

"Two front men shouldn't have been where they were stood when Mills gave a free-kick away. And then, unfortunately when Max (Harris in goal) is put in that situation, he's had nothing to do all game, been outstanding, his kicking has been great, distribution has been great, no chance with their goal, made a great save down to his right in the first half.

"When he does have a little bit of a wobble, he got caught inbetween what to do to knock it over or catch it. When it comes off the bar they've got two players fighting over it for a tap in and none of us are anywhere near it. That's not acceptable.

"People can go on about they've been so good but I'm not prepared to let them come off it, not at all. It's not the way it's done.

"Being as good as we have been all season, it breeds a good habit and takes us into next season well.

"But today I thought we were poor, last weekend at home we were poor. We're not giving the fans value for money just purely in their effort so I've just said to them I don't want to have this conversation again between now and the end of the season.

"If I do then people will leave because it's not good enough."

It's Evesham on Monday and interviewer Keith Hall felt they would be up for it.

"Of course they will be, every team we play is up for it. Why shouldn't we be up for it?

"There's so much we can do as staff, the players have been fantastic up to since we won it. I thought they were outstanding at Salisbury but since then, Wantage at home struggled, was poor, but I sort of expected that a little bit, then Taunton away. I think if the players had gone there with the same attitude they've would have been rolled over, but we didn't, we stuck in there and second-half I thought we should have nicked it.

"And today poor again, really poor. Tuesday at times poor."

Are some of them tired, physically, mentally asked Hall.

"May be but why, they've played the same games as everybody else. And we went out of the cups early."

Extra pressure?

"But why we are champions now so why should it start to tell now. I don't think it's that more a case of too many have taken their foot off the pedal and they've on the beach already and that's not acceptable.

"We are working just as hard. I went and watched these pay North Leigh ten days ago at North Leigh.

"People say what are you doing that for, you've won it but it doesn't matter we want to do it right but I can only do my bit, it's up to the players to do their bit and today they let themselves down a little bit and we've told them that.

"We didn't play like Champions today. If anyone thinks we did then they are mistaken, I'll show them the video.

"We didn't play like champions at all."

Beadle made a few chances to the startine line-up with no places, even on the bench, for Calvin Dinsley, Jake Sinclair, Tristan Plummer and Clayton Fortune.

"Calvin has just got a slight groin, hopefully he'll be okay but might be ten days. Jake was unavailable for this weekend, Tristan has still got his knee problem so we had to change it.

"Jimmy has been away for a couple of weeks then played two games for the English University teams this week so he needed a rest so he was on the bench.

"But that team out there today was more than good enough to win that game today as they showed when they got 2-1 in front but couldn't hold onto it because people get lazy."

Were you frustrated with the referee?

"Every week!

"Today I thought a lot of the decisions he gave against Mike were harsh and then he said they were both doing it so how could he penalise Mike when they are both doing it.

"I thought the sending off (Barnstaple player) was harsh. The first one was a booking, he's pulled him back. but the second one wasn't. There was nothing wrong with the tackle, it was a foul, nothing more. I think that was harsh on them. 

"Picky on a free kick, Greeny moves it five yards forward, then he moves it three yards back, just let the game go. He didn't make it easy for himself.

"I just think performance wise we were not at it today and I'm not prepared to put up with poor performances. We've got to be at it, we've got to want it more than the others.

"We have done for 38 games and now we've won it we should be all over the pitch, putting teams under pressure, like in the second half. That's what it should have been right from the start.

"But we don't, we don't start well, we give them a sniff in the game, then they get their goal and as always they've got something to hang on to.

"If we had got the first goal, the second one game would be all over."

Looking ahead only Jimmy Oates is signed for next season.

"Jimmy has signed a contract but nobody else has. We've got four games to go now, two league games, two cup games. If we get the same again then people will be gone because it breeds in the changing room as does winning, it becomes a habit, as does being sloppy and not doing things right and not preparing properly and not turning up in a mental state to play the game.

"It breeds and if we don't stop them now it will breed into next season  so everyone has everything to fight for, us included.

"The Board will be asking questions, how have we dropped points against Wantage, how have we dropped points again today. They're entitled to ask those questions and the same questions of the players."