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Saturday, April 01, 2017

Support the HUST 50/50 this afternoon

If you see a hard working voluntary 50/50 ticket seller at this afternoon's match against Wantage please dig deep. Not only will you be in with the chance of winning a cash prize, but you will be helping Hereford fans build a successful community club which everyone hopes to see come to fruition.

The success of the draw established by HUST has been down to the generosity of supporters and the hard work of the team of wonderful volunteers led by Mike Langford.  As a longstanding HUST board member and also one of HUST’s Football Club Directors, Mike says: “Upon the creation of HFC I led on establishing the 50/50 draw so HUST could build its shareholding and support the delivery of the successful community club voted for by 97% of HUST Members. I’ve been lucky to work alongside a team of dedicated ticket sellers who give up their time before every match to sell tickets. All proceeds raised through the draw are used for share purchase and go directly to the club”.

The 50/50 draw is a key part of HUST’s fundraising programme which aims to reach its share target of £289,000 needed to make the club 50% fan owned by March 2020.  With the addition of new fundraising streams including the new Bulls Lotto, a planned re-launch of the Prize Bull and a number of live events HUST is currently on schedule to meet this target.  The biggest contribution to HUST funds however has been provided by the 50/50.

“As the club are aware maximum share purchase is absolutely central to HUST’s ambitions” said Tomkins “and the 50/50 draw is central to our share purchase fundraising. Much is said about HFC being a community club and the co-operation between the club and Trust in the running of the 50/50 is a great example of a community club in action.