Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Southern League Will Be Another Big Test Admits Beadle

Hereford FC manager Peter Beadle has admitted that the Southern Premier League will be another big test for everyone involved with the club.

"Every season since we started the club, every summer I have tried to build a squad of player who can’t just win the league we’re playing in, but one able to complete in the one above that too," said Beadle as reported by Non-League

"That will be needed next season as well. The Southern Premier will be another big test for everyone at the club, it will get harder.

 "We’ll need the supporters to back us again. There’s no big benefactor at Hereford and we only spend what we bring in despite what some people think.

"We weren’t the biggest spenders in the league this season and we won’t be next season I’m sure. This club has a lot of overheads and people are quick to forget that.”

Although already champions, Beadle wants to finish the season with as many wins as possible.

"We don’t do that sunbed attitude here. Every game we play we look to win and nothing else will do.

"Besides, players still need to prove they want to be a part of things next season so any opportunity should be grabbed with both hands.”

Beadle urges caution about the possibility of a third title for the newly formed club.

"We’ve already been out to see a few Southern Premier matches and the standard is high.

"It’s going to get more difficult every level you go up – every aspect of the game is stronger so we will need to be ready.

"We never go in with massive expectations, we won’t say we’re going to do this or do that. We’ve just got to be as strong as we possibly can."