Sunday, April 02, 2017

Next Season Will Be A Real Test Said Beadle

In a long interview with the Non-League Paper, Hereford FC manager Peter Beadle has been explaining how he copes with some of the jibes made against the club and admits that next season will be a real test.

"They're so full of themselves down at Hereford, they should have won it in February is a typical one-liner," said Beadle.

"Or how about 'they pay their players so much money they should be winning every game."

Beadle retorts that people think it's easy to win a championship?

"Let me tell you, it's bloody well not. Those who think winning leagues is a piece of cake should try it. How many times do favourites come second in a race?"

The manager felt that coming home from Salisbury last Saturday was a bit subdued despite winning the title that afternoon.

"I know we've probably known for a few weeks we'll win it but because the odds were really against us at Salisbury, we had to win and two other clubs had to draw or lose.

"Incredibly it happened, it was a bit surreal but we took care of our business and that's all you can ask for."

A reformed club doing so well?

"There are a lot of pre-conceived ideas about us. I've heard 'Hereford are this, Hereford are that' ever since we restarted this club. A lot think we are arrogant.

"The problem is that we are genuinely aren't. Absolutely not. We do not think we are bigger than we are.

"We never say we are looking to win a league, it's lacking in respect for teams, there are some small clubs in there, but trust me they get every once of respect they deserve.

"Our budget was the biggest in the league, but we spend what we bring in. There's nobody chucking money at us.

"We have made some friends along the way. Some turn up and say 'oh they've got a big ground and a nice pitch, they're full of themselves'.

"I've had a fair number of club officials come up to me and say they walked in feeling that but left thinking we are lovely people. That's good enough for me."

Beadle is guarded about another title next season.

"It doesn't work like that. Our budget is good for this level, no arguments about that, but it's not as high as many people say.

"Next season everything will be a big step up, it will be a real test.

"I draw your attention to FC United of Manchester. They spect many years trying to get out of Step 3 and they've only just done it."