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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Horsell To Have Shoulder Operation

Martin Horsell was in goal for Hereford FC last night at Didcot. Afterwards manager Peter Beadle revealed that he is going to have a shoulder operation.

"It's been a difficult one with Martin because he needs an operation," Beadle told Radio Hereford FC.

"It's been difficult to throw him in, in case he has a reaction to the shoulder.

"Obviously we have been waiting and waiting but the difference between Martin and Jamie (Cuss who also needs an opertion) is that Martin has played in the Football League pyramid if you like so he gets a bit of funding from the PFA.

"We've been waiting to get confirmation of that funding before he has the operation on his shoulder, the one that he did in the Bideford game (November 5th), I think it was, or back when he last played.

"I just thought tonight would be nice to get him a game as he's still waiting to get confirmation of the operation. It was nice to get him some game time and get him on there.

"I thought one minute fourty seconds in when the ball went in the top corner he probably wished he hadn't been playing.

"But he did fine, like he's never been away.

"He's a great keeper with good experience and he was pretty solid tonight for his first game in a few months, he did really well."