Sunday, April 30, 2017

Hereford FC Staff To Play Sponsors In Charity Game

Hereford FC staff are to take on a Sponsors select team in a Charity Game next Friday.

"We are having a Charity Football Match here on Friday May 5th with an 11.00am kick-off," commercial manager Martin Brain told BN.

"It will be between the Hereford Football Club staff and a Sponsors team.

"Three thirty minute games for a bit of fun but also raising funds for charities, St Michael's Hospice and the Air Ambulance.

"Most of the sponsors are involved, but some of them felt they were a bit old to get involved!

"There's been a lot of interest. End of season celebration really.

Brain was asked given the club haven't got many staff how had they raised a team?

"We've roped a few in including a few volunteers, there are only two of us full time.

"We have 16 and I think we're going to need them as it's roll on roll off substitutes."

Later BN was told that a couple of the directors might take part. Mike Langford had offered to manage the staff team to save him from having to play. It's understood his request is under consideration.