Monday, April 24, 2017

Great Way To End The Season Said Purdie

After last Saturday's 4-0 win over Winchester, Hereford FC's Rob Purdie spoke to BBC Hereford and Worcester.

"It was a great way to end the season," said Purdie.

"We've finally put on a bit of a show at home, supporters will go away a bit happier than the last couple of weeks and reflect on our season in which we've done really well.

"Winchester kept going. Last season teams tended to give up on us as they perhaps were a bit less fit than us. Winchester lasted for a good sixty to seventy minutes and still tried to play even though they were 4-0 down. Credit to them.

"We owed the fans a bit of a performance and I think we gave it to them today."

Hereford's first goal came from a disputed penalty when Mike Symons was 'man-handled'.

"Symo has had many given this season.

"The ref asked me afterwards, I've known the ref for years, he said if you give it outside the box you've got to give it inside the box. Sometimes you don't get them inside the box.

"It was a perfect start and Millsy put it away, great penalty, keeper went the right way but it went it and that got us going.

"Playing with Jimmy (Oates) gives me a bit of a licence to go inside as Jimmy always wants to bomb on. It was a great ball down the line to me, great ball back and great finish by Edgey.

"If the final ball had been a little bit better second half then it could have been five or six which is what we've been waiting for a long time this season.

"I've had to play in the centre of midfield a lot more this season, more than I've wanted to.

"Last season with Aaron Birch I could get forward. This season with Macca, I've had to hold a little bit, so I've enjoyed playing wide as it has given me a little bit of freedom. And if the full-back wants to bomb on it's perfect for me.

"I really enjoyed today, I didn't want to come on but Harry needs a bit of experience for the future.

Trevor Owens then asked how this promotion ranked with others during Purdie's time at Hereford.

"I spoke to Graham Turner after the game. This is a perfect way for me and Greeny to see out our careers. We're winning games of football. We're happy.

"We're at a club we want to see do well and with fans that want to see us do well.

"It's perfect for me. It's like the Conference days again.

"Although people think we should be winning these leagues it's not a foregone conclusion but we've excelled this season. Nobody loses just one game in a season, two one at home which second half we felt we should have got something out of.

"So it's been a special season, same as last season was.

"We can't get carried away with it, next season is going to be a lot tougher just as this season was a lot tougher than last season but it's just the perfect way for probably my last two, three years of my career.

"It's right up there whether it's getting promotion from the Conference or promotion from the South and West it's a special thing to look back on and I'll always look back on this and be happy."