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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Fantastic Way To End The Season Said Beadle

Peter Beadle Handling Ronaldo
Hereford FC finished off their South and West season with a well deserved 4-0 win over Winchester and afterwards manager Peter Beadle spoke to BBC Hereford and Worcester.

"A fantastic way to end the season," said Beadle.

"We've been disappointed with our form at home the last two home games and the boys have done so well.

"I said to them before the game 41 games, 1 defeat. We've got a last chance to give the supporters something more to shout about. Let's give them a performance at home.

"And the boys delivered again as they always do. They were awesome to day."

Hereford took the lead with a penalty when Mike Symons was 'manhandled'. 

"We were a long way away from it. Mike gets his fair share of rough and tumble and they were closer and some of our players didn't seem too surprised by it. One or two of theirs don't seem to surprised. It looked like he was manhandled a little bit. We're not going to turn it down.

"As always Millsy coolly slots it away and give us a great start in the first ten minutes."

Jamie Edge scored Hereford's second.

"We said at halftime that we were a little bit sloppy at times almost as though we were rushing to get that final pass in.

"The one time we didn't rush we played some lovely passes leading upto the goal and Jimmy Oates moving up the right hand side as he always does. Two or three passes and we split them open and a great cut-back and Edgey a fantastic finish.

"It wasn't easy rolling back to him but it was a nice firm assured finish from a fantastic piece of play. The first time we got it down and didn't rush it.

"I was surprised Edgey was that far forward, it's not like him to get that far forward. Edgey has had an up and down season and so it was nice for him to finish off with a goal at home, a well-worked goal and it just shows the quality we have in the side."

Jamie Oates scored the third with a powerful header.

"I heard him and Rob Purdie planning this before the game and then when I saw him heading in I wasn't surprised but it was a fantastic header and a great delivery.

"If we can deliver like that, I think it had a bit of a block, it was a fantastic header. He deserves it, he has had a fantastic year.

"He's been almost like the torch-bearer for us this year. If things haven't gone quite well, or not going quite right, you can always rely on Jimmy to put in a 9 out of ten or an eight out of ten each week. And sometimes that has been the catalyst to go on and be better in games.

"So he's deserved everything he has got and his first goal in a League game so I'm just chuffed for him. He's had a fantastic season for us but also one I'm sure he'll always remember.

"Obviously now we know we've got him tied down for next season so we'll be expecting even more from him next year."

Beadle brought on Bradley Williams for Jamie Edge late in the game. 

"Bradley came on and got his goal.

"Brad he came to us in the early part of the season looking for an opportunity. And he's waited and had a few games and we've introduced him bit by bit. Every game he's played he's done extremely well and he's another one I was surprised to see him in there as it's not that sort of position he would take up.

"A good delivery and a fantastic header."

As expected there were great scenes at the end of the game.

"Four thousand fans at home at this level of football is frightening. I was away for a few days in the week and as you do you contemplate things as I was sat there watching the sea go out and the sun go down and I just said to myself I need to enjoy it more as last season I was so busy organising. It was like this is our mission and we've got to complete it.

"But this year we knew what we had to do. We put a squad together which I felt was always capable of winning and they've done it with class and style and determination and it's time to enjoy it now.

"We've got two games coming up next week which we need to enjoy. They are not going to be a b-all and end-all but you don't get moments like this and this year I promised myself I would enjoy it a little bit more than last year before I knuckle down and get ready for next season."