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Monday, April 17, 2017

Brilliant Reaction After Saturday Said Beadle

Hereford FC manager Peter Beadle was delighted with the 2-0 win at Evesham this afternoon after the poor performance of his team last Saturday.

"Absolutely brilliant reaction to a man," said Beadle.

"You couldn't ask any more.

"And the frustrating thing for us it why does it take a conversation and that passion from me to play like that.

"It's purely mentality. No disrespect to Barnstaple or Wantage I felt the players did not show them enough respect because of who they are and where they are. And we came unstuck against them a little bit although we took four points from each of them.

"Today you couldn't fault them, I thought they were superb, To keep a team as good as that down to one shot on target which was the penalty right at the end there, that was a huge effort, massive team effort and front to back."

Defender Matt Williams, who was Evesham's man of the match, is known to Beadle.

"I've known Matt a long time. I had Matt when I was at Cheltenham as a young lad, he did really well at Gloucester, Conference North and then he went and did a bit of travelling which is why he's just back now. Fantastic player.

"They are a strong unit, they've got a few out at the moment but it's a really strong squad and looking at the play-offs now there are four teams and it's going to be really tough to pick one because they are four really good sides in their own different ways.

"I'm just so proud of the boys and the way they've reacted today. 48 hours after a home game and we've put that shift in and I thought we were really dominant from first minute to last."

Interviewer Keith Hall mentioned the free-kick routine seen this afternoon.

"We're always working on it but it's never put into action but sometimes you get a bit of the rub of the green. Miss it and Pablo makes a great run and a great finish.

"The performance was right and like I said to them before the game I've listened to Chippenham and some of their celebrations and they lost at home on Saturday and I listened to Chris Wilder, Sheffield United manager, and his was a little bit different. 'We've won the League we are now champions and I want to to perform the same as we've done all season' which is exactly what we are asking. 

"I haven't set the standards you, the players, have and today they were brilliant. I can't ask for more than what they've done and it's been a remarkable season so far.

"We've gone the whole season unbeaten away from home, I think the last time we lost away from home was Highgate a long time ago. August 2015 we've gone that long and that in itself is remarkable.

"And one defeat at home this season bar the one game to go.

"I couldn't be prouder of the players and I hope now with the one game left they do get the chance of putting on a good performance at home and play like champions and get their just deserts after the game."

The treble is still on suggested Hall.

"The bread and butter is the League and we've done that but I want to finish it off in style if we can, it will take another effort like today. 

"The other two games are Cup-finals and we want to win both of them."

The Champions Game against Royston is at Edgar Street. 

"Just heard that, so James Smith will be delighted that we're at home.

"They (the players) were probably thinking they'd quite like to play there, it would be quite nice, but it's one to look foward to, a celebration again.

"And then the Lads Club Cup Final again one we want to win.

"We won it last year so we would like to win it again. It's not going to be an easy game. These games are not the b all and end all of it. 

"But we also know it's job done now for us but we have got to make sure with one game to go we don't drop our standards."

Ryan Green was red carded (second yellow) in the dying minutes of the game. He will miss the two cup games but will be available for next Saturday's final League game.

"We've had plenty of penalties this year and not had players sent off or booked even.

"I know the double jeopardy rule came in this season where if you make a genuine challenge for the ball, or a foul, it's a penalty and that's it. Obviously Ryan got done for holding in the first game at Didcot and as it says in the rules holding or pushing in the box is a straight red.

"Then the second game at Didcot they saw that as a goal scoring opportunity outside the box, so I'm not sure, it's two yellows but I don't know if the second yellow is justified. The first one was a yellow."

The referee suggested deliberate hand ball?

"Ryan said it wasn't, he tried to get his body in the way and he's tried to dip his shoulder to try and block it with his shoulder. Again it's so far away we can't see from where we are.

"It's a shame for him but he'll be okay for Saturday as the suspension starts a week from today being Monday. He'll be alright for Saturday which I think is only right and just that he's there and out on the pitch.

"Whatever games it will be, one two three, that will start with the two finals then next season wherever he may be, with us or wherever else you don't know but he'll miss games at the start of next season."