Sunday, April 23, 2017

Beadle's Budget Will Increase Next Season Said Williams

Hereford FC vice-chairman Chris Williams spoke to BN after yesterday's 4-0 win over Winchester.

"A great end to the League season," said Williams.

"It's a beautiful day, Edgar Street looks in prime condition, three of the four were cracking goals and that's what we wanted today.

"A lovely party atmosphere in the crowd even in the Main Stand where we had chanting in C Block and then in D Block. B Block said don't leave us out so they had a sing-song as well. So really very good!"

The question of how generous the club would be to manager Peter Beadle and his budget next season was raised.

"We realise as we climb the Leagues the budget is going to have to increase but the one thing that this board of directors will do is to manage this club sustainably. We won't overspend.

"We will make sure those kids, who are here today, will have somewhere to watch football in the future and that's at Edgar Street."

Work still needs to be done to improve both the catering booths and the toilets.

"We have plans for that but one of the problems we've got is not having the Blackfriars End and so the issue is what do we do with away fans.

"We've managed this year as the away support has been quite small.

"What we are going to do is try and make provision for the away fans as we could have six, may be as many as nine games, with over 100 away fans here and they've got to be catered for. It's the rules, it's in the regulations that we have to make sure we cater for them."

In particular the booth under the Main Stand just isn't big enough as supporters were still waiting to be served as the second half started.

"Obviously that's part of our plans. We've budgeted for improvements. But we're not going to overspend in terms of making those facilities right.

"The ground is old but it's got an atmosphere. It's our biggest asset but it's also our biggest liability.

"It takes a lot of money to maintain it every year and make improvements.

"I was sat next to Jesse Norman today and he said that he could see the difference that's been made over two years in terms of not just the pitch but the ground quality. The fans matchday experience is much better because we've done these improvements."

Former chairman/manager Graham Turner was a guest and he noted the size of the gate.

"When you think where we are in the League to have crowds like today, it would have been nice in the Conference to have gates like that instead of the 1500 or whatever it was. So it's nice to see.

"Edgar Street is a lovely place when it's full. To see that Meadow End is just fabulous.

"I'm really pleased, one of the happiest days of my life today, two promotions on the trot, I'm really pleased.

"The aim is a third promotion and I believe we can do it. We want to win it next year but it may be through the play-offs and there's the FA Cup again so we can have another bash at that.

"The more we do, the better we'll get. It's all about experience."