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Sunday, March 26, 2017

We've Got To Be Really Proud Said Purdie

Rob Purdie With A Cross Towards Goal
Hereford FC's Rob Purdie has seen several promotions in his time at Edgar Street.

After yesterday's game at Salisbury he spoke about the latest one which puts Hereford into the Southern League Premier Division.

"It's back to back promotion which is what we set out to do and it's a good way to do it, 4-0 away at a decent club Salisbury," Purdie told BBC Hereford and Worcester.

"We can't be happier than what we are."

There was a long wait to find out that Hereford had won the title.

"It can be a bit of an anti-climax that way, we would have probably preferred to do it knowing a win does it so we could celebrate it, but the fans came on the pitch behaved themselves with us. It was a good way to do it.

"I think it's been a professional job. We gone to teams where we've had to grind it out and gone to teams where we've had to express ourselves but I think we got it right down to a tee. A good professional job we can be proud of."

How does this rank with other promotions?

"It's up there. People can say you've got a good budget, you've got a good fanbase but you have to do the job on the pitch. Just because you've got a decent budget doesn't mean you should win the league. Look at the premier league last season.

"We've had to do it with pressure on us, eyes on us, people making sure they try and get the one victory of the season against us. We've got to be really proud of that. And take that into next season because it's not yet job done."

As news filtered through what was the atmosphere out there on the pitch?

"We were just waiting for that final whistle in the Evesham game. It would have been better to know to that we had won it straight away but when the news came through it was brilliant.

"The fans on the pitch celebrated with us which is what we wanted and it's rounded off a really good season. Five games left and we want to pick up five more wins.

"We didn't plan any celebrations as we thought it would go to next week. So we should have a bumper crowd against Wantage and we'll stay down in Hereford as some of the lads won't travel back to Hereford tonight, the lads that aren't from Hereford.

"So next week will be the big celebrations, next week will be the big one."

What are your plans for the future?

"No one knows apart from Jimmy (Oates) who has signed a contract for next year. No one knows what's going to happen next year so we are still playing for contracts.

"I'd like to think I've got two or three years but that's down to the manager. You've just got to hope you are doing enough to stay here next year. Hopefully I'd like to make a transition into coaching, learning off Beads and Jenks so we go into the next five games and hopefully I get another year out of it.

"I'm 34 and I'm experencing good years at the end of my career. You want to finish in the game with a smile on your face."