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Thursday, March 30, 2017

We've Been Very Lucky Throughout The Year Said Beadle

In an interview earlier this week with BBC Hereford and Worcester, Peter Beadle spoke about winning the Southern League South and West title and the rest of the season.

"We've been very lucky throughout the year, I think," said the Hereford FC manager.

"You need that little bit of luck if you are going to win championships.

"It's important that everything falls right sometimes and Saturday certainly fell well for us.

"We were focused on doing it over two games and winning it at home but, as we've seen this season, there have been disruptive results but everything fell in place for us this weekend.

"I think the win at Salisbury has been over-shadowed by events. We spoke about it after the game. As I'd said last weekend after North Leigh I was looking for a bit more focus, a bit more purpose, from the start.

"And we certainly got that. We went 2 up, they had a great chance to get back in the game. Alex Harris made a great save, then after that we've kept them quiet through the second half other than a double save by Alex.

"Great chances for them but I can't think of too many others outside of those two or three.

"Our performance was strong, very professional, especially second half. We kept our shape really well and discipline. A really strong team performance.

"We've got six games to go. I think, in many ways, this weekend will be tougher than last weekend because it's going to be tougher game psychologically rather than physically, they are always tough physically.

"Knowing they've done it already,we did it last year we won the League with a game to go, won a second leg of a semi-final, won two finals and played in a third one but lost, we kept them focused really well.

"This time it will be tougher as we've got six league games to go and two cup games as now we've qualified as champions we'll play in the championship against the winners of the Central Division. 

"Those games are spread out now over the weeks so we are not going to have a time when the games coming together close together, they'll be far apart.

"So it is really important we stay focused and we've still got our part to play in the League as we've got to go to Evesham and we've got to go to Taunton and teams in the play-offs will expect us to go there and do things right.

"That's the only way we know how to do things anyway.

"I think Saturday will be the one to get out of the system and celebrate what they have achieved and I'll expect to win on Saturday as always.

"Then it's down to the serious business of five games to go. We've tough some really tough games at home, Winchester and Barnstaple, they won't be easy.  

"And we're not sure what is happening at Didcot yet. 

"The two games away Evesham and Taunton will be tough games for us and if we don't prepare properly and apply ourselves properly we will be embarrassed."