Next Game: Preseason Friendly - Newport County At Edgar Street on Saturday 21th July at 3.00pm

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Watson Hopes For Good Crowd Next Saturday

Hereford FC Football Director Martin Watson is hopeful of a big crowd next Saturday both for the visit of Wantage and afterwards for more celebrations of winning the South and West title.

"We declared it all ticket because we had looked at the maths," Watson told BN.

"We thought we would probably get a good crowd so we declared it all ticket just as a precaution really.

"I do all the online orders and the speed they are coming in since the final whistle here suggests we are going to get a really good gate.

"If you want a seat get in early."

Watson was asked if the Thophy for winning the League would be at Edgar Street next Saturday.

"We did the pictures with the Midland League Trophy last week. They were picked up on Monday. Generally the rules seem to be return the Trophy by March 31st.

"It's possible it's still in the hands of the previous winner so it's a case of the League getting it back, polishing it and engraving it.

"I'll speak to them on Monday and see what the situation is.

"Cinderford won it last season so our keeper, Alex Harris, is now a double winner.

"The Southern League would want to present it but it's a question of having people available and this, that and the other.

"I'm a little bit superstitious. You don't go and ask about x,y and z when it's not done."

Watson was asked about the medals for the players.

"We'll have a flick through the rule book  and work out who is entitled to one and we'll talk to them about a Trophy presentation and see when it can be fitted in.

"Last year we asked for a certain number of medals and they made them and charged us at cost. It's something we're perfectly prepared to do if a player is deserving of it."