Sunday, March 26, 2017

Perfect To Top Off The Season Said Haysham

Pablo Haysham Scored Hereford's Third Goal At Salisbury
Pablo Haysham scored one of Hereford's four goals yesterday at Salisbury, a cracking shot from around twenty yards into the top left corner.

Afterwards he spoke to BBC Hereford and Worcester's Terry Goodwin.

"A great day, a lot of hard work this season but today was just a perfect way to top it off really," said Haysham.

"We had to wait what seemed like forever to be fair, waiting for the results from other games.

"As soon as it went two nil we knew that Taunton had lost so we were very happy.

"We were looking at the crowd and everyone looking at their phones waiting for that result to come through."

Haysham was asked how they had gone into the game knowing that the title was on the radar.

"To be fair I don't think it was. Taunton have been getting good results and they've done well so we backed them to win.

"We knew we had to do our job and it was about us but fortunately it's gone our way and we've wrapped it up a little bit earlier than maybe we expected."

What's been the key to the success this season?

"First and foremost there is a great togetherness from the boys and a willingness to work and that's instilled by the management and the staff. The boys work their absolute socks off every week and we've got the results from it."

Haysham scored last week against North Leigh as well as against Salisbury.

"It was a nice one this afternoon but at that point we're 2-0 up and we had done well to stretch the game, a lot of good performances out there but it's always nice to score a good goal."

At the end did you wait by the fans for the Evesham result?

"We were waiting with them.

"What we've got here is a great relationship between players and fans, there is a closeness there and we appreciate everything they do.

"They travel in huge numbers and support us everywhere and that helps everyone.

"I think the big one (celebration) is next week but I'm sure everyone will go in their small groups and make the most of tonight."