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Tuesday, March 07, 2017

I Think We Will Get A Fine Says Didcot Chairman

Didcot chairman John Bailey thinks that his club might be fined after trouble at their match against Hereford last Saturday.

The trouble arose after Mike Symons scored for Hereford and four of their supporters ran on the pitch.

"I think we will get a fine for not controlling the crowd, and Hereford will get a fine as well," said Bailey as reported by the Oxford Mail.

"We are not making any assumptions about fines, but it would be the league that fine us, following advice from the Football Association.

"This has never happened at the club before - we had about 2,500 here when we played Exeter in the FA Cup and there was no trouble at all.

"If there are fines I hope it won’t be thousands of pounds - we are a local football club and we do not have thousands to lose."

Bailey told the paper he thought there were about 15 stewards at the ground on Saturday. He didn't say whether that number included several from Hereford.

"Just a few mindless idiots spoilt the game and I think they were hell-bent on trouble before they left Hereford."

He said that Hereford supporters were 'throwing beer' at goalkeeper Leigh Bedwell from the first minute.

"Leigh was not injured but without a doubt he was shaken by the aggressive behaviour towards him."