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Monday, March 27, 2017

Goodbye Nene Park

This from HUST:

Whilst we celebrate another promotion and rightly enjoy the success on and off the pitch (well done Beadle, the players and Management team and all at HFC), we should never forget how things could have been much different if it wasn’t for the will of the supporters to want change, even though it was painful at the time. We are now 27th March 2017 exactly 2 years into the lease on Edgar Street, and we need to count our blessings….

Many Hereford fans would remember the visits with HUFC to Nene Park to play the then Rushden & Diamonds in their brand new purpose built stadium on the banks of the River Nene (pronounced Nen as I have been reliably informed). However if one was passing the ground this weekend the depressing vision that would greet you would be of a half demolished stadium. This stadium built in 1995 providing the modern facilities that we would love to have especially on the Blackfriars End, now should be held up as an example of how close we were to losing such a valuable and loved piece of Hereford history. Had we the fans not fought to remove the ‘business men’ (I am sure others will have much stronger words they would call them), then heaven knows how run down Edgar Street and the football might have been, with the real prospect of football at Edgar Street slowly dying and being forced to seek cheaper more sustainable homes, leaving a prime site for ruthless redevelopment before the ‘business men’ disappeared with their spoils.

There is a lot to be thankful for, we have a new successful team playing at the spiritual home, whilst the phoenix club AFC Rushden & Diamonds, were forced to ground share at the aptly named Dog & Duck ground with Wellingborough Town but are now being forced to find a new home with Rushden & Higham United.

I think all fans would wish AFC Rushden & Diamonds, a fan owned club, continued success in re-establishing themselves (they are currently 6th in the Northern League 1st Division South equivalent to our league) and hope they find a permanent home soon.

As the words go ‘Football without fans is nothing’ therefore fans must ensure that their voices are heard and the role of a Supporters Trusts is a key one. They are not there for just the dark days they are there for all days, so if you are a member of HUST then thank you, but if you are a lapsed member or a just a supporter then please consider joining HUST or supporting HUST initiatives and have a voice and help us to ensure HFC has more success on and off the pitch.