Friday, March 17, 2017

Car Parking in Hereford Takes Another Hit

Supporters who drive to Hereford on match days have suffered another setback with the Blackfriars Street car park closing last weekend.

The car park, which was near to the football ground behind Furniture Importers, was purchased by Herefordshire Housing (HHL) and closed on Sunday 12th March.

Corporate Services Parking Management which previously owned the land said: "It's being redeveloped.

"It’s been purchased by Herefordshire Housing who are going to build flats on it."

A spokesperson for HHL highlighted that it was the location that meant the land was suitable.

They said: "It's an area prime for development because of its central location next to a shopping centre."

Meanwhile the cost of parking in Merton Meadow has changed lately. Herefordshire Council introduced an hourly tariff of £1 at the end of last month, with all-day parking staying at £5.

Its capacity currently stands at around 350 cars, half of what it was before the construction of the link road started.

St Thomas Cantilupe school on Coningsby Street charge £3 for all-day parking, with the money raised used to fund school activities. 

The car park is open from 9am-5.30pm on Saturdays during term time.